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Import Furniture From Indonesia

Are you considering import furniture from Indonesia whether it will be used on your home or to sell again in your store? If you do, then you should know these several things below before you import furniture from Indonesia.

Teak furniture from Indonesia 
Teak furniture has become one of the most popular furniture from Indonesia, especially outdoors. These because teak has several standing quality that makes teak has been hunted. The first proof of teak furniture is durability. Teak is considered as one of the strong and durable hardwoods. This wood has extreme withstand when exposed to elements such as sun and rain. The next pro is versatility as timber is easy to work. The wood is available to leave in a natural finish, paint, stain, varnished, or to be waxed depend on the furniture style and taste. Teak wood quality is also known for resistance to termites, rotting and damage from acids. The best part from teak wood furniture, it requires less maintenance even when it left uncovered outdoors. When teak furniture left outdoors, the weather naturally transforms and beautifies the wood into a silver-grey. If you like warm feel, you can polish the teak furniture again with brown tones. 
What about the cons? Well, the first thing that you can see from teak wood furniture is affordability. The price is quite expensive rather than another type of wood furniture. The price from the furniture will measure depends on the thickness, width, and lengths of the teak that used. The second con is the availability. This is a type of timber that not readily available as other timber available in the market. Teak is slow growth timber and not easy to harvest. The limited stock of teak has made the teak furniture into expensive tags. 

An important guide to import furniture from Indonesia 
Indonesia has been popular as a home for major furniture manufacturers. This country has nearly USD 3 billion has exported each year. It is the potential for import furniture from Indonesia and gets trade or buy for you. Here is an essential guide on how to import furniture from Indonesia to the USA without crowded and nasty things.
· The first thing you need to do is find a trusted furniture manufacture supplier. Jepara is the most prominent city in Indonesia known as the “city of the wood”. Jepara has becomes the leader of the furniture industry in Indonesia. 
· Second, furniture that should be bought/import. There are many options for furniture that you can choose. You can choose between handmade-furniture or machine furniture. When you consider import furniture from Indonesia perhaps you face high minimum order quantities. 
· Third, quality and price. The furniture industry in Indonesia is a combination of quality, customer service, and product mix terms. Always properly get the quality control and trusted. 
· Fourth, know everything about the import documents and administration. You need to ensure SVLK certification if you import wood furniture. Next, when agreeing with your supplier, ensure you have understood well about the term of Free On Board deal in the contract. You need to complete any paperwork required for importing furniture. 
· Freight forward can help you to do the rest thing for import furniture. if the company imports furniture on their behalf, they will be responsible for classifying their products, arrange transport, cargo, communicate with customers and also track the shipment. When working with freight forward, you can peace of mind and doing your business at home. 
The main benefit of import commercial furniture is delivering you high-quality furniture at lower prices. 

Choose your furniture wholesale manufacture 
While you consider importing furniture from Indonesia, you also need to consider choose trusted and quality Indonesia wholesale furniture manufacturer supplier. You can review the testimony from their client. There are many benefits when you buy wholesale furniture, such as below:
1. There are many types of furniture available. You can choose different types of furniture that is made from different woods' kinds and designs. 
2. You can buy furniture in large quantities. 
3. The price was typically cheaper. Fortunately, when buying wholesale furniture you can gain a cheaper price. 
4. The wholesaler usually offers a delivery service. This is an important and great benefit for you if you consider personal import buying from the furniture manufacturer. This will save your cost, time and energy. 
5. The wholesaler usually offers custom designs. if you are the person that has unique style preferences, then wholesaler is the best option for you for shopping for furniture. They are willing to provide a custom design that made only to your style preferences. 

If the price for teak wood furniture is too expensive for your budget, then you can choose teak reclaimed Indonesian furniture option. Reclaimed teak furniture is furniture made from teak wood that has been used for furniture, flooring, and housing and then re-designed and re-crafted becomes a new furniture design. Don’t worry about the quality from reclaimed teak wood furniture because all of the steps of re-crafting the furniture is made to ensure it still has stunning quality as furniture.
There are many benefits of reclaimed teak furniture as the biggest thing is doing something good for the environment. Also, use recycled teak furniture adding a unique look with a rustic and vintage look at once. 

Indonesia furniture wholesale 
The other options for affordable teak furniture are imported from Indonesian outdoor furniture wholesale. When you import outdoor furniture, ensure to measure the quality of the furniture. The Premium Quality Grade A Teak furniture will ensure the quality of your furniture. There are many styles and designs from teak outdoor furniture that is suitable for garden, patio, backyard, and porch.
Whether you want traditional, contemporary, modern or custom the Indonesian furniture manufacture is available to provide what you need. The furniture sets made to meet your needs, whether for indoor or outdoor use. With so many options, the pros and cons of the furniture of Indonesia, you know can consider import furniture from Indonesia that can enhance any house and backyard.

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