Hassle Free Guarantee Of Importing Root Furniture From Indonesia

Looking to import teak root coffee table and other teak root furniture from Indonesia?
No need to worry about, as we are here to assist and help you.

If you are new to importing furniture business or existing furniture business player and would like to expand your collection or in need to find better price, service and quality for root furniture collection, you come to the right partner.

We are working with direct carpenters of this reclaimed teak wood furniture here in Java, Indonesia. And guaranteed you to get the most affordable wholesale price you ever imagine.

This root furniture collection available in any shapes and forms, a-one-off-design created by nature, made of naturally teak root and turning into items such as: teak root stool, teak root chair, teak root table, teak root home decoration, etc.

No need to hassle of importing, as we do all jobs and papers for you.
Any question how to import root furniture from Indonesia?

Please send your wholesale inquiries to:
PIC: August Praymunor (Mr.)
TEL/Whatsapp: +62-812-283-3040
Skype: august.praymunor
Email: intradco.jepara@gmail.com