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Looking For Recycled Furniture With Erosi Wood And Kasar Finished From Java Indonesia?
Are you retailer, wholesaler or importer which is in looking for recycled furniture made or reclaimed teak and boat wood from Java, Indonesia? If so, you are coming to the right buying partner to work with! We only provide the most affordable wholesale-price to you. Guaranteed!

If you are looking for recycled furniture made of recycled teak and boat wood which has erosi/erosie look (erosion) caused by claimed change and has kasar or rough finished on the wood surface, we have hundreds of items you can choose. From chairs, tables, consoles, benches, daybeds, etc to home accessories.

Some items even mixed with old lesung and dingklik bench wood.

We have natural look furniture and home accessories made of Javanese teak root as well.

For complete collection and best FOB prices, please contact us now!

PIC: Mr. August Praymunor
TEL/Whatsapp: +62-812-283-3040
Email: intradco.jepara(at)gmail.com
Skype ID: august.praymunor

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