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We are furniture sourcing and buying agent services located in Jepara, Indonesia.

Established in 1999 and already serves happy clients from more than 10 countries.

You can visit and inspect your direct suppliers or factories on our assist and make sure your furniture and handicrafts purchase order running as you expected. With minimum purchase order of mixed items and pieces 1 x 20' container.

Our furniture sourcing and buying agent service can be enjoyed by any clients from these cities and countries: Jepara, Jakarta, Bali [Indonesia], Foshan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Yiwu [China], Taiwan, USA, London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester [UK], Germany, Bangkok [Thailand], Vietnam, Australia, Toronto [Canada], Dubai [UAE], Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand [NZ], Pakistan, Portugal, Peru, Poland, Singapore and Turkey.


Hassle Free Guarantee Of Importing Root Furniture From Indonesia

Looking to import teak root coffee table and other teak root furniture from Indonesia?
No need to worry about, as we are here to assist and help you.

If you are new to importing furniture business or existing furniture business player and would like to expand your collection or in need to find better price, service and quality for root furniture collection, you come to the right partner.

We are working with direct carpenters of this reclaimed teak wood furniture here in Java, Indonesia. And guaranteed you to get the most affordable wholesale price you ever imagine.

This root furniture collection available in any shapes and forms, a-one-off-design created by nature, made of naturally teak root and turning into items such as: teak root stool, teak root chair, teak root table, teak root home decoration, etc.

No need to hassle of importing, as we do all jobs and papers for you.
Any question how to import root furniture from Indonesia?

Please send your wholesale inquiries to:
PIC: August Praymunor (Mr.)
TEL/Whatsapp: +62-812-283-3040
Skype: august.praymunor
Email: intradco.jepara@gmail.com


Looking For Recycled Furniture With Erosi Wood And Kasar Finished From Java Indonesia?

Are you retailer, wholesaler or importer which is in looking for recycled furniture made or reclaimed teak and boat wood from Java, Indonesia? If so, you are coming to the right buying partner to work with! We only provide the most affordable wholesale-price to you. Guaranteed!

If you are looking for recycled furniture made of recycled teak and boat wood which has erosi/erosie look (erosion) caused by claimed change and has kasar or rough finished on the wood surface, we have hundreds of items you can choose. From chairs, tables, consoles, benches, daybeds, etc to home accessories.

Some items even mixed with old lesung and dingklik bench wood.

We have natural look furniture and home accessories made of Javanese teak root as well.

For complete collection and best FOB prices, please contact us now!

PIC: Mr. August Praymunor
TEL/Whatsapp: +62-812-283-3040
Email: intradco.jepara(at)gmail.com
Skype ID: august.praymunor



Jepara is small town located in northern part of Central Java - Indonesia.

The nearest airport to reach Jepara is Semarang. It takes about 1,5 -2 hours by car from this capital city of Central Java.

For decades, Jepara well-known with its excellent craftsmanship of carving furniture made of Javanese teak wood. And since early 90's many foreigners came to Jepara to buy and working with local carpenters to produce their furniture design and exported to another countries.

Since then, there are many kind furniture style can be made and found in Jepara. From teak garden or outdoor furniture, minimalist and modern furniture, till rustic/antique reproduction furniture you can source, choose and buy here.

There are hundreds of furniture producers and thousands of carpenters involved in this furniture industries up to now.

For anyone abroad which is interested to come to Jepara at the first time and would like to buy/import any furniture and handicraft products in bulk quantity from this sourcing town .
You need a sourcing and buying agent in Jepara to handle your order from A-to-Z things.
From organize, controlling quality, packing till shipping into container.

Here, in XploreJepara.com we provide you with such services and we are working based on commission basis.

Our commission fee is 10% from total amount on your purchased invoice (FOB price) with minimum value of purchasing at US$ 10,000 or more.

For daily visiting to any factories located in Jepara, it cost you US$ 150/day.
This rate cover car rental, driver and gasoline expenses.

For full assistance, there is additional charge US$ 100/day.

Additional cost would be charge US$ 50/day if we should travel to Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, Blora, Rembang, Ngawi and Bojonegoro.

Surabaya and Situbondo US$ 100/day.

Other cities can be discussed later.

All additional costs counted and started from Jepara.

Any questions?

Please contact Mr. August Praymunor for more discussions, to:
Email: intradco.jepara(at)gmail.com
Call/Whatsapp: +62 812 283 3040
SKYPE: august.praymunor



As everyone knows, Jepara is a paradise for buyers which interesting to imports furniture products directly from many manufacturers/exporters/suppliers located in every parts of this small town without annoying by un-reputable buying agent both foreign or local agents especially which doesn't know about typical of Jepara people at all, but there's two sides of matter by using or not using this agents service:

1)If you don't have a local reputable buying agent, then you need a lot of references before you decided to buy bulk quantity of furniture directly from one or several suppliers in Jepara. Best advice is if you have foreign partner already imported or had furniture factory here then you can dig as many information as you need to get right direction before move forward with your inquiry and no need to pay extra cost for agent of course but you must be dizzy and busy and do a lot of things by yourself. And remember don't push the supplier with your lowest target prices if you doesn't want to disappointed later because they will give you lowest quality and service as well. Jepara suppliers is smartest craftmanship because they can make almost anyting related to furniture products in any grade of quality. So be careful choose your business partner if you would like to do long term business basis with them.

2)If you already had a local buying agent, then above matters would be disappear or at least reduced. You already had trusted person to talk and discuss which best things to do to prepare your order properly and find best suppliers to work with even you may pay extra cost to such service but the benefit is no need to hustle on anything, guarantee received quality products and peace of mind. But you may careful select a good and trusted agent to do anything in your behalf. Agent fee should pay average from 5 – 15% depend on how many containers and total sum of your invoice and can be negotiate of course.

The choice is yours, so are you ready coming to Jepara and doing furniture business with Jepara suppliers? We are ready to assist you!

Contact Us now!

PIC: Mr. August Praymunor
CALL/WHATSAPP: +62-812-283-3040
SKYPE ID: august.praymunor
Email: intradco.jepara(at)gmail.com